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Rd cup
2008 Track Days
Date Track Price
May 25 Putnam Park $155*
June 28 (LED)** Putnam Park $200 *
*$330 for both days


Dead bear


**LED is a new two-group format which accommodates all three skill levels, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. Two groups are available, Sport & Supersport. Sport Rider is for Novice and low to mid level Intermediate skill level riders. This group will still have classroom sessions for Novice riders and Track Coaches will accompany the group but the on-track format will be less restrictive. Supersport is mid to upper Intermediates and Advanced. Each group receives 30-minutes of track time each hour. This is a great way to maximize your track time.

Thanks to solidremote for providing financial and technical support to our event in past 3 years, solidremote's RF receiver is also used in our motor kits. Good job William!